Increase Revenue, Decrease Days in A/R

Everyone wants to be paid for their work in a timely manner. With Medical Billing Resources managing your revenue cycle, you can increase your monthly revenue and decrease the number Increaseof days receivables are outstanding.

Our education, experience and technology, combined with our specially-designed work flows together speed up the reimbursement process. Claims are scrubbed before submission to avoid rejections, patients are billed semi-monthly to speed up patient receivables, and patients can have the option to pay their bills online with our online bill pay service. These are some of the ways we can decrease the number of days your receivables are outstanding.

We also research rejected claims and edit them prior to resubmission, monitor outgoing claims for missing codes and append modifiers appropriately to increase your revenue per claim. Our billers and coders monitor fee schedules and coding initiative changes to make sure you’re billing at the right rates for the current year, and we make it easy for you to check patient eligibility at the time of service, so you don’t lose revenue due to providing services for which your patients are not covered.

In all, our systems are specifically designed to increase your revenue and decrease the number of days your receivables are outstanding so you’re making more money, faster. You work hard to provide excellent care, let us ensure you’re properly reimbursed for your efforts!

Please contact us today to discuss how we can increase your revenue and decrease your days in A/R!