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BCBSMI - Continuing Critical Operations

Medicare Telemedicine Health Care Provider Fact Sheet

Telehealth - Key Changes

MedPAC Releases Report to Congress – Stay the Course on Physician Payments

CMS to Release MIPS Exemption Notifications Soon

MACRA: Might Face Challenge with Trump

When Documenting in the EMR - Medical Necessity Remains Central

Justice Department Joins Lawsuit of Medicare Fraud by UnitedHealth

Medicare Payment Advisory Commission: Skeptical of MIPS

Physician Groups Ask CMS for MIPS Guidance...Quickly!

CMS Bundled Payment Programs: Delayed

HHS Secretary: Medicare Balance Billing + MACRA

CMS: Campaign to Promote Coordinated Care Program

Federal Courts Block Mega Insurance Mergers

Organizations Request Meaningful Use, MIPS Delay

5 Tips to Prepare for MIPS

CMS Offers Insights on MIPS, MACRA and APMs

High-Deductible Plans: A Physician's Experience

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs): Explained

Healthcare Industry Celebrates Trump's Executive Order

Tom Price: HHS Pick Favored Drugmakers, Device Makers and Doctors

Medicare Failed To Recover Up To $125 Million In Overpayments, Records Show

HHS Nominee Not a Fan of Bundled Payments

Use GT Modifier for Online Visits and Telemedicine Claims

Republicans Aim To Quickly Repeal Obamacare

CMS Publishes Final Rule for New Quality Payment Program

Testing Payment Reforms Could Offer Tool For GOP Ideas

Paul Ryan's Medicare Plan + Obamacare look very similiar

A Guide to Medicare's New Rules on Doctor Pay

Medical Billing Resources Inc Receives 2016 Best of Farmington Hills Award

Fraud Concerns Emerge As Compounding Drug Sales Skyrocket

United's Departure From Marketplaces Could Impact Consumers' Costs, Access

MedPAC approves a Number of New Recommendations

ICD-10 on the Radar Screen

SGR is the Top Healthcare Issue for Congress in 2015

Obamacare and Tax Season

Supreme Court to Hear King v. Burwell Arguments on March 4th

Meaningful Use Program Continues to Disappoint

CMS Shifts Strategy to Combat Fraud

Medicaid Primary Care Incentive Payments Expire

AMA Responds to CMS Over Meaningful Use

Federal Health Exchange Outperforms

100,000 New Obamacare Applications

SHOP opens to Small Businesses

Modest Premium Hikes, Higher Consumer Costs Likely For Job-Based Plans

AMA Releases List of 8 EHR Priorities

Some Premiums up, some Premiums down for 2015

Medicare Officials Announce Three Front-End Testing Weeks for ICD-10

NCCI Publishes Changes to Coding Modifier -59

CMS Expects Some Bumps in Next Enrollment Period, but Says It Is Better Prepared

Improper Payments: Government Wide Estimates and Reduction Strategies

CMS Seeks to Streamline Re-enrollment Process in Exchanges

Six States and D.C. Extend Medicaid Pay Raise for Primary Care Doctors

CMS Publishes Proposed 2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

Hospitals Increasingly Outsourcing Coding Efforts

Proposal To Change Doctor Training System

Medicare’s Hospital Trust Fund Appears Flush Until 2030

Affordable Care Act: 10 Million Newly Insured

Doctors Are Avoiding Meaningful Use

Medicaid Enrollment Nears 7 Million

Affordable Care Act Lowers Rate of Uninsured

Medicaid Enrollment Shows Continued Growth in April

CBO Losing Track of ACA Fiscal Impact

Special Fraud Alert: Laboratory Payments to Referring Physicians

MedPAC Submits Annual Report to Congress

Who Shopped The SHOP Exchanges? Very Few Small Businesses

Skimpier 'Copper' Plans Might be Coming to

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit: IRS Releases Final Rules

Drug Discount Policy For Hospitals, Clinics Under Scrutiny

Survey: Most Buying On Insurance Exchanges Were Uninsured

HHS Report Details ACA Premium Subsidy Use And Cost

Dead Last: USA Far Behind Rich Peers in Health Care

Eligible Professionals: Avoid 2015 EHR Payment Adjustments

How Can Medicare Improve Improper Payment Prevention and Recoupment Efforts

CMS Issues New Regulations for Medicare Part D Programs

How to Avoid 2016 PQRS Payment Adjustment in 2014

June 2014: ICD-10 Update

HHS Committed to More Public Releases of Medicare Data

CMS Proposes EHR Changes

CMS Issues Final Version of 2015 Health Exchange Rule

Senator's Proposal to Fix VA System

CMS: Isn't Cost-Effective to Review Billings of Doctors

ONC and CMS Delay Meaningful Use

Sylvia Mathews Burwell nominated as HHS Secretary

Health Subcommittee Holds Hearing to Improve Medicare Oversight

MU Hardship Exception Applications due July 1, 2014

HHS Set to Announce New ICD-10 Effective Date

Health Care Spending Spikes in Q1

Sample - How To Post and Cobra

Update - 8 Million Enrolled under the Affordable Care Act

CBO Projects Health Law Subsidies Will Cost Less than Expected

Medicare RAC Program - Proposed Update

HHS Secretary Sebelius Resigns

CMS Releases Data on Medicare Physician Data

Proposed Fiscal Budget 2015 - A Healthcare Analysis

Affordable Care Act: Phase One Update

MedPAC Submits March Annual Report to Congress

Medicaid Expansion in Michigan Starts April 1st

Health Care Law Enrolls 7 Million

SGR Update: SGR Patch/ICD-10 Delay Passed - Final Day to Sign-up!

SGR Update: March 28th House Edition

SGR Update: March 27th - House Edition

According to study, America has 32 million underinsured.

Congressional Leaders Step Down This Winter

Doctors Say Grace Period Will Leave Them With Unpaid Bills

Doctor Compensation Practices in Response to New Value-Based Payment Models

CMS: No ICD-10 Delay; AMA - It Costs too Much!

Sebelius: No More Health Law Delays

DOL Issues Final Rule on Worker Eligibility for Health Insurance

Proposed Medicare Part D Changes Are Postponed

SGR Update March 2014

Obama Administration Unveils New Affordable Care Act Changes… again.

RAC Audits Temporarily Suspended

Now Available: Subsidies for Insurance Policies Bought Outside Exchange

CMS Administrator: No Delays for ICD-10

Marketplace Enrollment Update: February 2014

Major Spending Cut Proposed For Medicare Advantage

Medicaid Fraud Bust in Washington D.C.'s Payment System Months from Completion

MedPAC Recommends Payment Equalization

Medicare to Reveal What it Pays Doctors

Obama Administration Delays Part Of Employer Mandate Again

Update: Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) Reform

State and Local Governments Spend 31.5% on Healthcare

City of Detroit and Retirees Reach Agreement on Health Insurance

Marketplace Enrollment Update: January 2014

New EHR Safety Guidance from ONC

CMS issues 2014 Outpatient Facility Policy and Payment Changes

2014 PQRS Specifications Released by CMS

Verifying Patient Coverage in a Health Insurance Marketplace Plan

MBR Explains: Quality Improvements - Key Features of the ACA by Year -- 2011

Health Insurance in 2014: Lower Premiums but Higher Deductibles Enrollment Numbers Start to Rise

2014 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

MBR Explains: Increasing Access - Key Features of the Affordable Care Act by Year -- 2010

MBR Explains: The Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program

MBR Explains: Quality Improvements - Key Features of the Affordable Care Act by Year -- 2010

MBR Explains: Coverage - Key Features of the Affordable Care Act by Year -- 2010

MBR Explains: President Obama’s New Plan for Canceled Health Policies

MBR Explains: The Sustainable Growth Rate

MBR Explains: Why Insurers are Canceling Policies

Comparing Healthcare Spending Across Nations

Improve Cash Flow through a Lockbox Service

MBR Explains: The Affordable Care Act’s Reinsurance Tax

The Real Deadline to Sign-Up for the Affordable Care Act

ICD-10 Staff Training Needs

EHR Adoption Surpassed 2013 Goals

Effect of a Government Shutdown on Medicare

Health Exchange 101: Understanding the Plans

Obama Administration Releases Premium Costs of Health Plan

78% Revenue Increase Due To Certified Cardiology Coding

Omnibus Rule Bridges Gap Between HIPAA & HITECH

CPR For Your ICD-10 Transition: Check, Prepare, Respond

Medical Providers Can Look To Canada For Lessons In ICD-10

Painless Preparation For ICD-10

New PCI Codes for 2013--Fun With Percutaneous Cardiac Intervention!

Improve Your Practice With Benchmarking

HIPAA and HITECH Evolution Responds To Technological Advances

Revised Warnings For Docs Using Cloned Notes

Avoiding Payment Denials For Cloned Notes

Use Better Collection Techniques To Increase Patient Payments

ICD-10 May Defeat In House Billing Efforts

2013 Proposed Fee Schedule

High-level E&M Codes Increase Risk of RAC Audit

Six Ways To Prevent Medical Office Theft

Simple Tips To Reduce Patient No Shows

Check Patient Eligibility For Wellness Visits To Ensure Reimbursement

Healthcare wastes $750 Billion Per Year

Blues Ordered To Stop "Most Favored Nation" Contracts

New Date Set For ICD-10 Implementation

Meaningful Use Stage 2 Requirement Changes

Preventing EHR Sabotage

Billing and Coding For the Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

Where Should I Send My Bill? Treating Young Adults (Part 3 of 3)

CMS Starts Meaningful Use Audits for EMR Adopters

Who Pays For Services Provided To Minors? (Part 2 of 3)

What You Need To Know About Payment For Service To Minors

Practice Management Considerations During EMR Chart Conversion

Three Things Medical Practices Should Do To Prepare For ICD-10

Easy Ways To Increase Front Desk Collections

How Medical Practices Can Reclaim Lost Revenue From Denials

Maximize Reimbursement from Incident-To Billing

Why Every Medical Practice Should Have A Code Of Conduct

What Medical Practices Should Do With Credit Balances

Using Established Patient E/M Codes To Maximize Reimbursement

Proper Use of Modifier 59 Can Increase Revenue for Medical Practices

Why Medical Practices Should Opt In For Electronic Funds Transfer

Payment Options Reduce Patient Bad Debt

Medical Billing Resources Launches New Website

Do's and Don'ts of Social Media for Physicians

Legal Issues To Consider When Implementing An EMR

Medicare Bust Sheds Light On Alleged False Medical Billing

Include Documentation With Medical Billing Of Modifier 22

Medical Billing E-prescribe Requirements for 2013

Code Freeze Extends Through ICD-10 Implementation

How Medical Practices Sabotage Their Own Cash Flow

New Guidelines for Medical Billing of Needle EMG Codes

ICD-10 Delayed One Year